Too Faced Bon Bon Palette

To start off what has so far been a pretty brilliant 2017. I give you the Too Faced chocolate eye shadow palette. This beauty does indeed actually smell of chocolate, and not in a bad way.

In the past I've experienced some brands to have the chocolate scent and it turn horribly wrong. Where it actually smells like a cheep chocolate or in fact just wrong in all senses.

This in fact, was the second Too Faced product to bless my collection. I had the pleasure of receiving it as a gift from my two favourite Londoners when they made a trip abroad. To then go out of their way to enter the walls of Sephora. Words can not describe how grateful I am to these two individuals. To have spent their time away and money on something I have dreamt about for so long.

I also received a Sephora face mask alongside this. Unfortunately I used it before having taken any photographs. But it was amazing, my skin felt like it had been pampered for a week using it. Not to mention the rose scent it left behind making me feel completely and utterly relaxed afterwards.

So even though this is a product I have been dreaming about using. Was it worth the money?
Because as we all know this is not a brand that we can always splash our money out on. Oh no, for myself personally. I like to convince myself for a few months that I do in fact need to use so much money on just one product.

So we reach the verdict, and the answer to this long winded post. It is in fact, yes. With all my heart and might. I vote yes to this product.

The formula is the best I have ever used. I was lost for words the moment I started using it.
I've only reviewed one other eyeshadow palette on my blog before, and that was the Shaaanxo one. I remember how pleased I was to have found one with such a perfect colour range of natural warm tones. Since then I've come to really love the brighter colours from using the Too Faced Palette and have now become a lot more confident in my makeup.

That is all thanks to Too Faced. A brand I will love, and hopefully continue to love for a very long time.



  1. OO this palette looks so tasty ,yummyy ,sorry :)) looks so gorgeous ,i will be write on my wishlist <3

    1. It is definitely both of them things! Gorgeous is a definitely a word I would use for this product!

  2. Ahh the colours look so pretty! I really want some too faced products, but I haven't got the moneys to spend on it any time soon! So jealous!

    Katie |

    1. If you're going to splurge on something, Too Faced is definitely the one to do it with!

  3. Your photos are so beautiful! I really need this palette! It looks stunning.

    Lois |


    1. Thank you that's so sweet of you to say!
      It really is isn't it, definitely worth investing in.


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