Yankee Candle's Countdown to Christmas

Blogmas: Day 1

The day has finally arrived, and I could not be more excited.
For weeks now it's been the talk of Twitter, everyone getting their ideas together and planning what topics they will be focusing on. For Blogmas I have decided to do a total of 12 days, yes you heard right. I will be posting for a solid 12 days straight. I must be crazy right?

In this time I will be sharing some festive posts on Winter Wonderlands, inspirations and Festive food. As well as sharing with you my favourite products of 2016, and of course, trying some new ones. I plan to make each day a little different from the last, although when it get's to day 24, let's see if I can still be saying that at the end.

For my first post I wanted to show you all one of my advent calendars this year.

The Yankee Candle packaging looks so beautiful. The red alongside the store front and Christmas trees. This completely sold itself to me when I first laid eyes on it, there was no going back from that moment. I picked it up a few months ago, so it's not the official calendar for 2016, although I much prefer the way this one looks to the newest version.

If you haven't picked one up already, you may be able to get it online. Otherwise the newest version may still be available in various stores.

Included in the set is 23 Tealight candles, with one Votive Candle for Christmas Eve. Before even opening up your first one, you can smell the scents already! Merged together it's just beautiful. It smells just like Christmas should.

The six variations included are:

Christmas Memories
Angel's Wings
Cinnamon Stick
Christmas Garland
Snowflake Cookie

So for those of you who love candles just as much as I do, this is a perfect way to get in the festive mood this Winter. Without having to add on those unwanted calories each day, although unfortunately for me, I just couldn't give up my chocolate calendar. Looks like two surprises are in order each day.

With this lovely addition to my home, I can officially say, it's now feeling like Christmas.



  1. Awww this is so cute! I haven't got an advent calendar yet so I'll keep my eyes out for this...and a choc one obv 😊 Happy Blogmas xx

    1. It looks adorable doesn't it! Thank you, Happy Blogmas! x

  2. I am candle obsessed! I just picked up my favourite Yankee Candle in the Black Friday sale, it's Snowflake Cookie!

    EmmysBeautyCave | Bloglovin | Blog Header Designs

    1. I didn't think to buy any on Black Friday! I think Cranberry Ice has to be an all time favourite! x

  3. This is such a lovely one! I was so excited to open my Advent calendars today haha! One step closer to Christmas x

    1. Not long to go now! Starting to get really excited for it X

  4. OMG how did we miss your first post!? Looove Yankee candles, so didn't know they had an advent calendar of it or else that would defo be with me! Ugh so cute! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us! Happy Blogmas!

    Jessica & James | foodandbaker.co.uk


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