Winter Wonderland's & Christmas Markets

Hello everyone and welcome to day 7 of Blogmas!

Ever since Cardiff Winter Wonderland went up a few weeks ago, we must have visited going on 10 times now. Don't get me wrong, we aren't Christmas obsessed or simply have to go ice skating each week. It's more the fact where we park, we have to walk past it each time. So instead of going around we have a stroll through. If you put it like that though, you loose the excitement.

So for those of you who haven't spent a lot of time in Cardiff. Each year they put up in the centre lots of Christmas market stools. Then around the castle they fill it will Christmas lights, and this year the worst Christmas tree you may possibly of ever seen. Next to what could be the most adorable reindeers.

As you may all have seen on my Instagram or previous post on the 3rd. I went over to London to celebrate my anniversary a few days ago. This was purely dedicated to getting into the festive spirit and having a mini break away from our every day lives.

Whilst in the big city, we met up with two of my favourite Londoners. Even though we went spent a good part of the day walking around, listening to carol singers, visiting Hyde Park and exploring places like Piccadilly Market. My favourite part of it, was sitting in our Londoners favourite pub.

With drinks in hand, the warmth surrounding us and the chatter of people in the air. This had to be the highlight of my whole trip. This has always been my favourite part of this time of year. Spending it with those you love, in an environment filled with others doing exactly the same thing.

Presents at Christmas time are just an extra others decided to add in. If I had it my way, I would spend my Christmas day playing board games, watching movies and just being with my loved ones.

I wanted today's post to be about reflecting on what makes you happy at this time of you. What is it that you appreciate about Christmas. Are presents really what makes your Christmas day? or is it the food? or your home filled with family.
I may enjoy seeing and doing festive things, but when it comes down to it. My family and friends are everything to me, and they are what make my Christmas special. Not anything else.



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