Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer

For me your concealer is equally as important as your foundation. It's the part of your makeup routine that brings the whole look together. Rids your skin of red areas and spots. A makeup look without concealer, I couldn't even imagine it.

This surprisingly, is the first product I've ever used from Urban Decay. For some reason it's just never appealed to me. I've known it for being a brilliant brand, but not one I've wanted to use.

The day I gave in and bought this, was a bit like Christmas morning. Full of wonderful surprises and smiles all around.

If I was to try saying anything negative about this, I simply couldn't. It's the most perfect product of my entire 2016.

If your anything like me, your skin changes on a daily basis. One day it feels greasy, another it's dry then sometimes it's a bit of both. It doesn't matter what day I use this product, it covers up your dark circles and hides your blemishes perfectly.

Last but not least a point that is always crucial for me. This concealer works for pale people!
It allows you to go back over your foundation and lighten certain areas, which I've only ever been able to do with a white jumbo pencil before.

If you're looking for an early Christmas present look no further.
If you haven't got this in your life, you need it.



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