Sally Hansen: Christmas favourites

Hello everyone and welcome back!

As I decided to only do 12 days of Blogmas, and didn't want the festive spirit to end. I've still been posting every other day in the hope that Christmas will come quicker.

I've chosen to focus on products mostly, as some of us may still been looking for Christmas inspiration, or even thinking of what they could get in the January sales. I thought it would be a nice little last edition.

The Sally Hansen nail polish collection above, consists of the new and old formula. I wanted to test the difference between the two, and recommend which is more worth your money.

When it comes to my nails, I have always liked the more neutral tones to the other extreme of really dark deep tones. Such as deep red's, purple's and green's, I mean you can never go wrong with nice deep tone in winter.

On this occasion it was the pinky tones which caught my eye. I want to talk about the old formula first and see how Sally Hansen have progressed with the change to the new formula. The applicator worked really well, meaning you didn't have to do many strokes on one nail. But unfortunately it was an incredibly thin formula, which meant I found myself doing two - three layers which wasn't ideal.

The two new formulas I picked up though, were absolutely brilliant. It was the same applicator, but only one application of the polish was needed. So you are getting more for your money, and a more even and thick application overall.

This year I've been comparing all the nail polishes I've been trying out to see which is best.
Those were Barry M, Morgan Taylor and Essie. When adding in this fourth brand though, who will go to the top?

  1. Sally Hansen
  2. Morgan Taylor
  3. Essie
  4. Barry M

There you have it, my favourite nail polish of 2016.

Ps. Christmas is this week!



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