ICE Sparkling Tea

As I start writing this blog post. I'm at this moment in time, sat in bed with a notebook and pen.

The plan was to try both these drinks, and review them as if the other half and I are both critics. Not that I find that particularly difficult, I just thought for this blog post it would be something a little different from the norm.

So here we are, Netflix on in the background. Van Helsing currently doing his thing. Whilst handing us both a drink to try.

I want to start off with why we decided to buy these first of all. They weren't very expensive, but visually they are pleasing to the eye. The whole sparkling tea intrigued us, could this really be something we would enjoy drinking?

Well, I'm lost for words.
Let's start with the Mango and Chili Sparkling Tea. I only describe the smell, as if it were cat/dog food. Or perhaps even fish food. Not exactly appealing and tempting us into drinking it, but hey.

The taste was something of a warm, stale beer. To clarify these are also these both contain no alcohol, so it's slightly odd that this would taste like that. What makes it even worse, is they are both stone cold. So it's a mixture of a stale warm taste and a cold texture of liquid. Not good at all!

With the Ginger and Lemon Sparkling Tea, we didn't have much hope for any improvements.
The smell was something like green tea, so that was a much better start to the last. Unfortunately it still tasted like you were drinking stale beer.

A few minutes have passed since tasting both of these awful drinks, and I've managed to loose the taste of how bad they were. It's just such a shame as they both look so nice to photograph. Hopefully we will have better luck next time.

On that note, we are going to call it a night. Happy Sunday everyone!



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