Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

I can hardly believe the day has arrived, for me to finally tell you all. My search this year is over! I wrote numerous posts, silently crying to you all on how every foundation I try is never the one.

This Double Wear Foundation is absolute perfection.

  • It's full coverage without feeling heavy on your face
  • It doesn't cake up in your pores after wearing it all day
  • It still looks as flawless hours later as the minute you put it on
  • It has no unwanted fragranced smell to it
  • The packaging it simply beautiful
Aside from Cliniques chubby in the nude foundation, which is perfect for the summer months. As it's such a light weight foundation you can't even feel you have makeup on.

This Estee Lauder Foundation works well in the Winter, for covering those red noses and rosy cheeks. I could go on about this product for hours, but I don't want to ramble on in this post.

All I can say is. I had everyone around me recommending it, yet I still didn't buy it. For future tips to myself, listen to your fellow bloggers!



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