A very LUSH Christmas to you

For everyone who regularly shops in LUSH, I'm sure by now you will all have seen the Christmas Star hanging around. When I went in to pick something up, I looked for the most festive thing I could find. For me, this was it.

When purchasing, I was told it was best to hold the stick and have the star under the tap when running the bath. So this is exactly what I did. It took forever to come away, and after a while I got a little bored of just holding it under the water, so I decided to swill it round in the tub. The only problem then was it all broke off into the water in chunks.

Most other bath bombs this would be what you would do anyway, but I found this a lot harder to get to dissolve. So I used my hands to crumble it up and get it to dissolve faster. I was shocked to find my hands stained orange! It went away after a minute or so, but this made me a little dubious at getting in a bath filled with orange water. I was so scared I would come out looking like a bad fake tan job.

None the less I continued, the only other problem was that there was scented pieces now floating around in the bath. On the large side too. So I spent ages trying to scoop them out, because let's admit. Nobody wants to be sitting in a bath of spikes, now do they.

There was little to no scent at all, and my skin didn't feel soft at all during or after.

I'm a little disappointed with this particular product. It's the first LUSH product I haven't enjoyed.
For everyone who is heading to LUSH this Christmas and wants something to help relax and warm you up. I would perhaps try something else.

Do not let this review put you off using this brand though, I'm completely obsessed with them. 9/10 they smell delicious, and leave your skin feeling super silky soft.



  1. So glad I saw this post though! Because I wanted to buy this haha. You saved me some money (since I have to start saving as well..), so bless you! Love, Larice

    1. I'm glad I could be of some help. I was genuinely so shocked, as it's the only product I've had bad experience with from Lush. All the others are amazing and worth getting!

  2. Aw I'm so sad you didn't enjoy this product, it's one of my favourites and has always worked great for me. Different people like different things though.
    Hayley X

    1. This gives me hope that it was just a bad one off for this product. It was such a shock to have a bad product from them!

  3. uh oh, I just bought this at the weekend. What a shame! It looks so pretty!!!


    1. I'm hoping mine has just a bad one off! It's not like Lush to have a bad product.


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