Why Treating Yourself Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Before I start this blog, I think we should all take a minute to appreciate the actress which is Felicity Jones. This British actress is about to star in the new Star Wars film, for which I'm beyond excited for.

Anyway, let's get back to why I'm writing to you all today.

You spend your lives working so hard, to pay your bills, feed yourself and get from A to B.
It's so important not to forget yourself though, you work hard for your money. Which means you deserve to enjoy it. You don't need to spend a fortune to have a piece of happiness, of feeling human and simply normal.

It's so easy to forget yourself and focus on others in life. I read something yesterday, about how sometimes in life you need to be selfish and think of yourself. Because one day you may look a back and regret the decisions you once made.

Never put yourself in that position. If only something small, make sure you take the time to do something for yourself every once a while.

Until next time.



  1. Needed to read this today! Great job on your blog relaunch ��

  2. Loving the blog relaunch! Definitely agree about treating yourself to things when you're feeling low. If it improves your mood, then why not?! Also I love Felicity Jones, she's in Chalet Girl which is like one of my favourite cheesy romcom lol x


    1. Thank you! Am so glad you're enjoying it.
      Felicity Jones is such an amazing actress, love Chalet Girl, can never go wrong with a good chick flick!


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