Physicians Formula

For someone who is so particular on the products they use, this really was a unique buy for me. All I'm going to say though, is do not let the packaging put you off. It may not be the most pleasing to the eye, or the most sturdiest of cases. For this occasion though we shall let the product do the talking. 

The first thing I want to talk about, is how it smells just like a Pina colada. Before ordering I had heard people talking about this, but quite often when you open the product it has a strong scent the first few times you use it, then diminishes. Not with this though, even with not drinking alcohol I can still appreciate how divine it smells. It makes you feel so summer when applying it, this alone would make me want to buy another one.

In order to get my hands on this product, I had to go online and order with it not being a UK brand. The price above is not what I paid, it was a fair bit more. Which upsets me to even say, but I wanted it so there you go. The price above is based on my current find when posting this blog. Recently a lot of the difficult brands to get your hands on, seem to be making themselves easier to purchase these days. Which is amazing of course, but when I bought most of mine just before summer to test out for you all. This wasn't the case.

So I want to talk about the formula itself. I don't have much experience which butter bronzers, I'm used to using powder ones. But when you apply on top of your foundation, I found it actually rubbed away my makeup. It didn't leave the smoothest of finishes on my face either. 
Don't get me wrong it wasn't so awful you would want to take your makeup back off and start again, it's just noticeable. Personally it could be a case of my brush not working well with it, or even it not going well with that particular foundation. Either way I do really like this product, I just think you need to test and try with it to get the best result.

The formula really is lovely to use, it glides on so well. Just on this occasion my personal preference, is it just didn't look right on my skin unfortunately. None the less I still continue to use it, something so small which can be improved on will not put me off my makeup. 




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