NYX Setting Spray

When NYX finally became available to us in Boots this year, I could not have been more excited. This long lasting setting spray was one of the first thing's I decided to pick up. Even now months later when you enter there stores, the NYX stand is flooded with people. Who know's what took them so long, but let's just thank them for doing it now.

Before NYX became available in stores, I had been ordering from the Boots website to my house. So for months I had to order blind. With makeup it's always a hit and miss, when you can never really tell what it is your going to receive.

The dewy finish stated on this bottle really does work. The staying power of making your makeup last longer? I honestly don't know. I'm almost at the end of my first bottle now and I haven't noticed any differences to my makeups staying power. Aside from that, on certain days when I feel my skin is going to be more drying. I tend to carry this around with me, then spray my face at certain points in the day to give it some more moisture.

It works absolutely amazingly for this! For any of you who do suffer with dry skin, you need this in your life. It keeps your makeup looking how you want it to for hours simply because it's stopping all the unwanted patched appearing on your face. I used this a lot throughout the hotter days especially and I do not know what I would have done without it.

For the price this is retailing at and the wonders it does for dry skin. This product has massive thumbs up from me. My first bottle is almost empty and will be soon purchasing another.




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