M·A·C Cosmetics

Growing up this was always the brand I went for and saved up to own. It's full coverage foundations and with it being one of the more affordable high end brands, I felt like it was my go to for so many years. Recently though certain things have happened which have started to change me mind. 

In the past two years my opinion has started to really change on how I feel about this brand. The foundation I once thought made me look good, now made me look yellow and cakey. I'm not sure what happened, but one day I really took a good look at myself in the mirror and thought, is this how I want people to see me.

It was always impossible to get good customer service when going into the MAC store, they would always ignore your presence and that you were even there.
On one rare occasion I did have a girl help me pick out my shade of foundation, which I then proceeded to purchase. Later to find it making me look yellow and being 10 times to dark for my poor pale skin. I was upset by this and felt I wasted so much money. I did make a complaint through email, although it didn't get me anywhere as I did not know the name of the girl who helped me. 

Ordering online was never any better, with there shades not being in order and quite confusing to pick unless you already knew what you were going for! So for the entire duration growing up, I was wearing the wrong shade and it embarrasses me to even think how I must have looked.

Back to the real reason of this blog though. I decided to try out there lipsticks for the first time. I'm not sure why I had never given them at try before, I guess they just never took my fancy until now. 

So I picked up this beautiful nude pinky shade. When I first took the lid off it smelt like sweet vanilla and looked beautiful, until I put it on. With there other products being so pigmented I was so shocked to find this had no pigmentation in the slightest. It literally appeared on my lips as a clear gloss. Not even a hint of cream or pink with it. I feel I didn't pick the right lipstick for what I was after, but then again this is just another example of my poor customer service experience with this brand.

Unfortunately for me I feel this brand just isn't the same for me anymore, and this could be the last purchase I make from them. It's a shame it came to this after so many year's, on the bright side though. After my realisation I have spent the past year discovering some wonderful brands I wouldn't want to go back to it being any different now. 




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