Laura Mercier First Impression

​Laura Mercier was recommended to me for being great on dry skin and giving you that extra bit of radiance. Having never used the brand before, I was interested to give it ago myself and see what all the fuss was about. Could a primer really add a glow to your complexion as well as your foundation?

I took to the John Lewis website on the look out for ordering these products, the customer service was brilliant and arrived quickly. I was so excited to try these once I had them in my hands, they both felt and looked expensive which is just as well considering the price.

The sleek and simple design, for both the primer and highlighter I'm a massive fan of. With both saying they add a glow to your everyday look, I had high hopes for trying them both. 

To start with I applied the Laura Mercier Primer onto my face, using the MAC Beauty Sponge to blend into the skin. You could see by putting a bit on your hand it definitely had that lovely shimmer to the formula, although I have to say it wasn't the easiest to blend in.
It starts to dry incredibly fast and then becomes tough to move so you literally have to move fast when blending. Once I applied my foundation on top I couldn't see any difference in using this as my primer, so all I would say is. Unless you are going to substitute this for a tinter moisturiser it may not be for you.

The Baked Powder Highlighter on the other hand, is incredible. I can't get enough of this, it is by far the best highlighter I have ever used! I'm yet to find a match for this and I'm sort of glad, it means I can enjoy using this right through to the end. The compact case opens up to a circle shape Highlighter with a mirror inside the lid, so it's great for carrying around with you on the go. The amount of glow this product brings to your face, words can not describe how amazing it is.




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