Lancôme Grandiôse Extrême

Growing up I was on the shy side. Having long eyelashes did not seem to help this, as I would have the odd person complimenting them, then having myself going into awkwardness. Now that I am older I try to embrace the long lashes in every way possible. I have worn false eye lashes a total of once in my life which I am proud to say. For those of you who are not a fan of wearing these, this mascara may be the answer for you.

Previously I used the good old Rimmel Volume Mascara Flash x10, which has to have been one of there longest going mascaras. I started using this when I was in school, just starting to wear makeup. To my surprise I was still buying it until this time last year.

In-between the Rimmel and Lancome I wore the No.7 Extreme Length. It creates a rather different effect to the Rimmel, more classic fine strokes giving a natural effect. In relation to the thick bulky lashes of the Rimmel. On days I don't much like making an effort or am in a rush, I refer back to using both in one day to create my look.

My reasons for finally upgrading to the Lancome Extreme Mascara, came across one day in work. My friend and colleague said she vowed by this and nothing else. She had me try it on and I honestly can't express the shock I received. 

The bend in the applicator worked wonders. It allowed you to reach every angle of your lashes and create long and thick streaks. This mascara is honestly amazing, even with my lack of experience. I can tell you are on to a winner with this, and when mentioned to other beauty fanatics they give the same response. This is one for the list and I can't believe it took me so long to invest in one for myself.




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