Kylie Cosmetics Gloss

This year has been Kylie Jenner mad for all makeup lovers and beauty hoarders. When Kylie first released her Lipstick collections everyone went crazy. If you are unaware of the chaos, these lipsticks would be selling out within seconds and would be literally impossible to get your hands on. These days thing's have calmed down, until the Eyeshadow Palettes got released.

So for the average gloss it isn't to expensive really, until you add on the international shipping price and the customers charge when it's delivered to you.
The big question is, are these products really worth the hype around them. My answer is yes. I may only own the gloss, but if her liquid lipsticks are anything like this. I'm already sold.

​The formula of this gloss is so pigmented it creates a nude light brown tone to your lips. You do not need to apply a first coat of lip liner before hand, this lip gloss does it all. The smell of sugar candy is just mouth watering as well as the packaging so pleasing to the eye. My only negative would be the brush to apply it onto your lips with, although I can't fault it to much as it wasn't terrible. Just something which could be looked at as room for improvement. 

I may be really impressed with how much I like this product, but for me the price and wait of getting it delivered is not worth the trouble. I don't feel I would recommend ordering until something is sorted about the price. Who knows, maybe one day soon the delightful Kyle will release her products in the UK. This seems like wishful thinking, but dreams do come true if you wish hard enough!




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