Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Kat Von D has been a celebrity I have followed for years. Having many Tattoos myself I have always followed her on social media in some way, when she came out releasing her own makeup line. I was curious as to see what would be the quality and reaction to these products. 

In 2008 these were officially launched, so as you can see I'm a good 6 years late. None the less these are still one of the most talked about Liquid Lipsticks around. A new update which will be happening any time now, is that Debenhams UK will be launching her line within their stores! This is the first time her products have come to the UK and I could not be more excited, my bank balance should be worried.

Now onto the Liquid Lipstick itself. Lolita its a rosy brown cool tone, looks lighter in the bottle but when on your lips it's slightly deeper. Personally I love to wear a good dark lip to go in contrast with my blonde hair, so I was pleased with how it looked. 

The packaging is just beautiful with the rose outline pattern on the lid. If you are one of those who like to stand their Lipsticks up on display, this doesn't stand easily on it's own. I've had a love hate relationship these past few weeks trying to keep in standing in my Beauty Station.

The applicator goes on nicely although could be the tiniest bit bigger, with the handle being so long it feels a lot different to apply than others. You think about what your doing, where as others it wouldn't even cross your mind the length. 

As for the formula itself, it's definitely long lasting to say the least. My only criticism would have to be, after the third time I used this, it started applying really patchy. It doesn't matter how much formula I apply or how many layers it seems thin and uneven. I like to think I have just received a really old Liquid Lipstick and that is why it is happening to me, as I have heard such amazing things about these.

I won't let this put me off the product though, I plan to give it a second chance and let it redeem itself!




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