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For months these liquid lipsticks were on my wish list and would be a dream come true to own. I finally took the plunge and ordered from his website in America, days before all the drama kicked off. Kat Von D and Jeffree Star definitely know how to get everyone talking, that's for sure. 

I was dubious over if I should post this blog or not, as everyone has such mixed opinions when it comes to Jeffree Star. I understand why, he isn't my favourite person let's put it this way. I just couldn't deny myself of trying a product which was putting stars in my eyes though.

When I decided to order the two colours, I had to pay an extra fee of international shipping, as well as an added on price once it had been delivered to my door. Fear not though, I wasn't going to let this phase me. Until I opened up my parcel and was absolutely distraught.


A light cream tone, almost giving a more subtle foundation look to yours lips. 


A deep brown tone, some photographs is almost appears black.

What upset me the most, was Dominatrix arriving half empty. You could see half of the formula missing, I was devastated. The amount of money I put into getting my hands on them didn't seem real. I contacted the company immediately and sent them multiple photos for proof, yet they still refused to refund me. The responses I was receiving from them were also quite rood and almost defensive, making me feel as if it was my fault I received a half empty item.

None the less, I managed to mix all the product together to get a nice photo for this blog post. It's been over a month now and I've only used I'm nude twice, the bottle looks exactly the same. Like it's pretty much all gone.

When you wear I'm Nude it looks amazing for the first two hours then fades horribly. Leaving really unflattering lips. I'm yet to wear Dominatrix out, I do feel it will work better than the other though, the formula seems a lot more pigmented. I will be sure to update you once I have braved a night out wearing it.

I hope none of you have had quite the same experience with this Brand. On the bright side, Beauty Bay in the UK are now selling his liquid matte lipsticks, and there customer service is amazing. So I'm sure ordering from them they would be much more lenient if a product came half empty. 




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