Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick

Anastasia is already well known for bringing the first real brow game to the table, and in order to get my hands on this, I had to go and order from Amazon. With it not being available in the UK I did spend a fair bit more than the price above, but when dollars are converted into pounds. That is what the Liquid Lipstick should technically cost us.

So the packaging as you can see has a silver lid with a middle area of gold. I don't particular like this, I feel as if it should have been one or the other and all just looks a bit confused. The branding of this product on the other hand I absolutely love, also having the product colour showing through the bottom really helps when choosing which shade you want to wear that day.

I went for Catnip which is a lovely dusty rose, I seem to be going through a faze right now of ordering everything from nails to lip products in a similar tone. It just looks so beautiful with pale skin types I can't get enough of it and it will go with absolutely everything, for any occasion.

The formula itself took me a couple of times to decided if I liked it. The applicator goes on really well and gives you that perfect fine line, the texture is really soft and feels sort of like a feathery light mousse on your lips. It comes out so pigmented and thick it's amazing, dries even better with an even clean flawless finish. I remember being a bit taken back at how good it looked the first time I put it on.

The only problem I have with this, would have to be that personally I drink a lot throughout the day. I know liquid lipsticks are going to fade when drinking and eating gradually. But no this came off after one drink in a massive line through the middle of my lip, it wasn't even subtle. Luckily I was still in the house when I did this. I made sure before drinking I left it a good amount of time to be sure as well.
The other occasions I wore this, I just didn't drink anything at all when I went out because I was so conscious of this happening, it would always look amazing even at the end of the night. 

I'm not sure this is enough for me to want to keep wearing it though, especially for the price of ordering from the UK. I feel like there isn't a liquid Lipstick out there you don't need to use a straw when drinking with! Any suggestions would be much appreciated as the perfect one is a must. 




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