Yankee Candles

These two beautiful candles were bought as presents for two of my friends. The three of our birthdays are all very close together, so in order to celebrate I bought them two beautiful matching candles.  

When in store it said Peony was new to Yankee Candles so this excited me more than most. Peony's are my favourite flower and smell absolutely amazing, these are absolutely no exception.

The scent isn't over powering and is a lovely neutral floral scent. The candle is a peachy pink colour, this may sound crazy but it actually smells of pink! I never really thought you could smell a colour before, but this scent really gives off this feeling.
If you haven't tried this one definitely give it ago. Cranberry Crush has always been a strong favourite up until now. Yankee Candles may as well take all my money, I can't get enough of them.

If you are new to this particular brand, you may feel this price is expensive for what you are purchasing. It is worth every penny though, these candles will burn endlessly, and they last such a long length of time. 
Most candles burn up after just a day or two days from experience, but I've known people to have these for weeks. Yankee Candles state on all packaging that all ingredients is pure and uses natural extracts in order to create there products. So for those of you who look out for natural products, this is another to add to your list.

Also if some of were wondering, I waited until after giving these to my friends before posting this blog. They loved them just like I had hoped.




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