The Original Moroccan Oil

Today's review is on a Hair Product I'm sure you have all heard about. It has been around and used by salons for a long time now, but I only just decided to purchase myself a bottle.
There are a lot of websites out there which are making bottles which look as if it's the real thing, so you need to be extra careful when ordering, that it's the official one.

I've been dying my hair on and off now for around 10 years. I honestly don't know what my hair is meant to feel like anymore. It ranges from day to day with how soft it is, or not which may be the case. 

I've started using this on a daily basis and I can't praise it enough. Suddenly my hair doesn't need cutting so often as it's keeping the ends in such good condition. My hair feels so soft all the time, I can't believe the difference. The only negative I have to say on this product, is by using the oil it just make the areas you are applying it to go yellow. 

It's not obvious or bold and unflattering, it gradually starts to tint it. I would recommend using a blue shampoo to help prevent this. They aren't difficult to get hold of, most drugstores sell them. A particular favourite of mine is from Lee Stafford so be sure to look out for it. I had it recommended to me by some hair dresser friends who also using these products. 




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