Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

The Make Up For Ever Foundation is one of the ones I've had on my list for a while now. It has been talked about all over the internet and raved about by beauty bloggers. This foundation's selling point is that it has been 'created for film and tv industry' so your makeup is left looking flawless and naked to the eye. It's Ultra HD and claims to take perfect photographs every single time. It says it's a comfortable, moisturising natural formula, with all this in mind I thought is it to good to be true.

I apologise in advance for this particular blog being so long as I know some of you aren't a fan of it, but I had some particularly interesting experiences wearing this and there was no short way of telling you all! I wish I had read an honest review like this before purchasing.

So to start with the packaging is simple which I love, the bottle has a good weight to it and doesn't feel cheap in your hands. It also supplies a pump for use, which I know a lot of you prefer. I actually don't mind either way, as long as the formula is what I want from it, happy days!

To begin with my skin type is normal. I always apply a primer underneath, on these first few occasions I used Laura Mercier in radiance, when applying I use my MAC beauty sponge to blend in over my face. The formula isn't overly runny, it gave a medium coverage and felt thin on the face.

It isn't the easiest foundation to blend in, so if you are using a sponge make sure to dab it all over and not spread it otherwise streaks appear. I have attempted using a brush with this from NYX and it looked awful ( I definitely need to invest in some new makeup brushes, already on my list for summer buys!) The end result looked brilliant and the coverage was great, depending on how many layers you applying it can be medium to a full coverage. It also allows you to apply other products such as my concealer, bronzer, blush and powder which is a must.

Unfortunately this is where I have been negative in this part of the blog, I try not to be but there was no hiding this from you all. On two separate occasions when I first started using this foundation, it resulted in some not very pleasant results.
Firstly no foundation has ever shown my pores before, yet this after wearing for just one hour created the most horrendous areas and marks on my face which I had never seen before. They weren't just small little dots, it was as if the foundation was breaking away!

Secondly, I attempted to try again changing my primer and not applying the powder on top. This is where things only got worse. I went out for a meal with friends, went to check my makeup in bathroom and to my absolute horror I had massive patches missing on the dry areas on my face. This wasn't just slightly faded, after just two hours of wearing, the foundation in three parts had completely gone. For the first time in my life I also did not have my concealer on me to correct the situation, I felt mortified that I had to go back out looking in such a state.

I stopped using this foundation for a few weeks after this, and started using the St.Ives Sensitive Skin face scrub daily. My skin type is now normal/greasy and I have started using the Nivea Express Hydration primer. I have now used the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation on numerous occasions since and the foundation has worked fine. I don't feel I should of had to completely change my entire routine just for one foundation, and I don't think I could ever wear it and feel relaxed again.

Out of all the foundations I have ever used, this one shocked me the most. My skin has never been dry, only slightly with needing to be moisturised in the evenings after removing my makeup. I know this foundation works for a lot of people still, and it does do what it says, it looks incredible in photographs. Unfortunately that isn't enough for me on this occasion.




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