LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub!

This year has definitely been amazing for so many great brands bringing out new editions to their Liquid lipstick collections. Never mind our poor lips though, they need to be cared for too.

When it comes to my makeup routine, I must admit I've always been terrible and ensuring my lips receive the care they deserve. With the amount they are put through wearing all these drying lipsticks, they should have some pampering once in a while I decided.

I have always been a massive fan of LUSH when it comes to treating myself on those more stressful days, bath bombs are ideal for releasing all those stress and worries. I was pleasantly surprised to come across this product by them, when I initially started searching for a Lip Scrub. It comes in the flavour Bubblegum, and let me just say. It smells incredible!
​You receive a good amount of product in this little bottle. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it barely looks like I've used any.

All you simply need to do with this product, is apply a small amount onto your finger before rubbing in circular motions on your lips. I find applying a little water onto my finger first makes it work that much better. It will then scrub away the tiny dead cells leaving extra smooth lips tasting like strawberry bubblegum! 

The scrub that you use dissolves on your lips during the circular motion process, it tasted amazing as well. It was hard not to lick my lips after being able to tasting how good it was.

I would definitely recommend this product as it's a great edition to your beauty routine. I always do this in the mornings before applying any lipsticks now, I absolutely love this product!




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