L.A. Girl Flat Finish Pigment Gloss

Recently I have had a slight obsession with the High End Liquid Matte Lipsticks. So when I heard about these beauty's I knew I just had to try. 

First impressions the packaging is okay, just appears to have more of a Teenage Market rather than Adults. Although I know a lot of Beauty Blogger's my age and older also use these! I wouldn't let the packaging put you off the product though, as I know personally that is a big deal for me when using Lipsticks.


This is such a beautiful colour, a nude peachy cream with the smallest hint of light brown also. This colour blends in so well to my natural skin tone, it's just making that small statement that you are going for the natural look. But still want people know you are making an effort. 

The formula on this Liquid Lipstick came out evenly and dried really well. Only two layers were needed with the colour coming out so perfectly. It was also a thicker creamy feel when applying, which made it a lot easier to get a perfect line. No lip liner is needed for this particular colour. Once dried on your lips it still looked perfect and felt really comfortable.


When applying this colour it comes out streaky and not very even at all. It is a very vibrant baby pink, and honestly I don't think Im bold enough to ware this. I let my first attempt set in place, it dried just as awful as it applied. The second attempt on top made it worse and created even more lines and streaks. Not a fan of the way this colour looks and how un wearable it is. Very different formula from the first being a thinner liquid. 


The nude coral brown is a really unique colour. I am yet to own anything else like it. The formula is a thin runny liquid, a bit like Fantasy, but it applies evenly and the outcome is flawless. The applicators on these lipsticks are really easy to use and they give such a precise line you don't need lip liners with any of them it seems so far.


I'm finding this shade hard to describe, as it's a pinky red which is bold and bright, but at the same time quite muted in colour. It could perhaps be described as a muted hot pink. It applies well needing two layers to build it up, once dried it looks lovely. It's definitely wearable, just not on my skin tone. Not sure this is something I would wear myself.


This is your true red colour, bold and extremely vibrant. In some lights you can see a hint of an orange undertone. Not sure this is one I can pull off, but we all need to own this kind of red in our collection. Silkiest smooth formula yet out of all the Liquid Lipsticks, unfortunately this is a step to far in the bold category for me. Whoever has the guts to wear this colour I applaud you!


When in the bottle this appears as if it will come out as a dark pinky purple. When in fact it applied like a pigmented gloss on your lips, really thinly. It also turned into a medium shade of a pinky purple. Lovely young girly colour. Dried to a lovely thin matte finish, would say this is a colour for all you really girly girls out there. 


This applies as a deep vampy red and it is absolutely stunning. Everything about this I am in love with, the thick creamy texture makes it so comfortable to apply. With it being such a deep tone I would recommend using a lip liner to get the shape first, you don't necessarily need to coat all of you lips. As this is such a pigmented colour you don't need anything else added to it. It does dry a little uneven in the centre area of you lips, so I recommend with this colour taking your time when applying to really get it precise.

The only thing I would say about using L.A.Girl is when wanting to reapply throughout the day, it works the same as all other matte liquid lipsticks. If you do it 3 to 4 times it's going to eventually build up and cake on your lips. These are so long lasting though you shouldn't need to re apply for many hours anyway.




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