Gerard Cosmetics and why I won't be ordering again

I first came across Gerard Cosmetics when Shaaanxo released her Lip Gloss in collaboration with them. This immediately sparked some interest as she is one of my favourite beauty bloggers. Unfortunately on this occasion though all three lip products had some rather disheartening features about them, for me they were to much to look past.

In general I'm not a fan of writing overly negative posts, as I like to spread positivity for you all. This occasion I really could not shy away from the truth. I do not wish to offend anyone who is a fan of these products. We all have different likes and dislikes at the end of the day, these are nothing but personal opinions and preferences.

To start with I want to talk about the Shaaanxo Lip Gloss, who is the reason I first heard about this brand. On first impressions this is visually appealing and the colour pink is just perfect. The negatives I have with this though, are how when you unscrew the lid and separate the two, a light turns on. Yes at first I thought this feature was amazing, until I tried to apply the Lip Gloss. It's light was so bright, not matter where I was or what lighting I had I could not see what I was applying.

Secondly, the lip gloss itself. In general I'm not a fan of Lip Gloss because most are quite frankly tacky feeling. This has to be the worst I have used yet. The colour looks nice, but within seconds of wearing I had to remove due to it feeling irritable on my lips, not to mention how sticky it was. 

As I really like the style of packing for this brand, I tried to not let the lip gloss put me off my second purchase. I decided to go for there top rate lipstick, which on appearance looks really nice.

When opening the formula was so dry the lipstick literally crumbled in front of me, in this picture i had to try and place it right due to it having snapped. Yet I still carried on and tried the lipstick. The formula was not overly pigmented and it was patchy in a lot of places. The colour wasn't visually appealing either, so all in all 2/3 were not looking great.

This third Liquid Lipstick I ordered at the same time as my second. Before purchasing I had watched numerous beauty bloggers testing these in order to try and get the right colour for myself. I know you can no go by the pictures or what they are showing up as half the time, with a lot of people using different lighting to film things. But this was a completely different colour to what I was expecting. None the less, it looks amazing on. In fact it's the lip colour I'm wearing in my profile picture.

The only negatives I have with this are, it makes my teeth look yellow which is not something I like having to worry about.
Secondly, I was a little disappointed at how little formula you get. Most Liquid Lipsticks have a fair bit more in. I've only used this once and having it in front of me now, it almost looks empty. Its appalling! From reading some reviews from at the moment, I'm not the only person with this issue.

Gerard Cosmetics - Does not state on anyway website the amount given, alarm bells ringing?

Anastasia Beverly Hills - 3.3ml

Stila Cosmetics - 3ml

Kat Von D - 6.6ml

Jeffree Star - 6ml

As well as all three of the bottles feeling cheap in your hand. This has to be my most disappointing brand to date. Sorry everyone again for being so negative, but that is what this blog is here for, to share with you my likes and dislikes.

Incase none of this put you off and you want to purchase any for yourself, they are available from Beauty Bay which is a UK Based store, they are absolutely brilliant. I order from them all the time and can't recommend them enough.

If anyone comes across a website which does state how much product you receive in the Liquid Hydra Matte please let me know, I really am interest to know now as I could not find it anywhere.




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