Bobbi Brown First Impression

​As you can see I'm still on the hunt for a foundation in which I can call the one. As much as I love the Clinique Chubby in the Nude Foundation stick, I feel that it is definitely more of a light coverage it's used for those days in which I don't feel like spending hours applying my makeup, or wearing much at all in fact.

I went into Debenhams and had a talk at a few of the beauty counters, in result I had lots of recommendations to give this ago. That's the great thing about having these makeup artists available to you in stores just like this. You are able to go in and talk about beauty related products and come away with some fab advice in return.

What I'm after incase you haven't read any of my previous posts, is a moisturising foundation as recently I've been having trouble with foundations being to drying on my skin and clingy to certain areas. So I would definitely say my skin type is dry/normal depending on how lazy I'm being with my St.Ives facial scrub. I'm also on the paler side and have trouble finding shades light enough to match my skin tone, so there we go. Two things you would think wouldn't be that difficult to find!

The past few weeks I've been applying this foundation with my beauty blending sponge, and to be honest it gives exactly what I want. That medium to full coverage and is easily buildable. It looks great for the first hour, then you can see it starting to cling onto my dry areas again. On the plus side though it matches my skin tone perfectly! So not all is lost.
I do really like using this foundation, it's easy to blend and has a really nice look to it. It's light on the skin and looks flawless in photographs. As long as I remember to use my face scrub every day for at least a week before using it, it works perfectly!
So it may not be exactly what I'm looking for, but for now it's my number one choice.

Last but not least, the Bobbi Brown Concealer. This is a product I can not get enough of! I use this every day in my beauty routine. It's so creamy and easy to blend. Will be without a doubt purchasing more in the near future. 




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