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By now I'm sure you have all heard about Benefit Brows and how they are taking over the brow world! Anastasia Beverly Hills held a good game for years now, but this seems to be all everyone can talk about. Having used my Dipbrow Pomade for the past year and a half, I felt it was time to try out something new. 

First I want to point out how beautiful this concept design is. It's like nothing else on the market, it stands out and has made everyone want this in there life. The pink, silver and black works perfectly and it shows other companies out there how to make a campaign. Having a graphic design past, this is an absolute dream to me, simple, straight forward and to the point. Just what I like.

Back when I first began my blog I talked a little bit about my unfortunate experience with my brows. I spoke about being younger and my beautician taking off to many brow hairs multiple time. This unfortunately has had the worst effect as you can imagine, now I suffer with very little brows to speak of. Using brow products is the most important part of my beauty routine.

Having fair hair and little brows, it honestly looks like I have none there. So for the past few hours I've been letting them grow as much as I can, whilst at the same time getting the tinted to show what little hairs I do have. 

When I discovered brow products it was like a dream come true to me growing up, finally a solution to take away my insecurities. Big bold dark brows are what I am for now, it's an opposite reflex of something I don't have I guess. I did have a few HD Brow sessions which worked out really well the first few times, as it allowed me to see where I should be drawing them in correctly. I didn't proceed to keep having them done though, as my brows simply were not growing in the slightest. 

When I went in to speak to the Benefit girls in Debenhams last week, they were absolutely brilliant. I have finally started to reach for the medium brown shades instead of dark browns. They were so supportive in my love for big bold brows! I understand everyone has a personal preference, this just works for myself as an individual is all. 

I purchased the shade 03 Medium in the brow pencil. I wanted to try the pencil as opposed to painting them on with a pomade, as I feel it may help in keeping my brows on the more natural side. I did attempt the shade lighter but we all agreed it gave of completely the wrong colour!

I have been using this everyday since getting my hands on this now, and its brilliant. The very top tip is a lot sharper than the other areas, so this allows you to draw in a more fine outline. then turning it you can use the larger area to fill up the remaining areas you may have. On the base part of this product you are supplied with a spiral brush to help keep your hairs in place for drawing on.

This is the easiest and most natural looking brow product I am yet to use. I feel this was an extremely worth while investment and I don't regret paying out the amount I did in the slightest.




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