Things I'm loving right now

To turn a negative into a positive, and seeing as this is my first post in a long while. I'm going to write all about what I'm loving right now, and only talk about the positives.

I think it's important to push aside whatever may be going on, or something you may be dwelling on recently. So for once I'm not gong to babble on like I usually do, because let's face it. We don't have enough hours in the day to read that much, unless it's a book you're currently obsessed with. Just like I spend half my life doing. None the less, here we go.

5 Thing's I'm completely obsessed with right now

1. Finding Carter.

I have no idea why I've fallen in love with this show. I initially went onto Sky to watch the all new season of Prison Break, only to find I wasn't enjoying watching it. To then come across an actress I once new from a series called Skins (which is also amazing and worth watching)
Finding Carter is based on a girl who was kidnapped at the age of 3, and had no idea. It wasn't until she was a teenager and she got into some trouble one night, that the cops arrested her. The next day she is taken into a room and has the news broken to her, that she is in fact the girl that went missing all these years ago. The series basically goes from there. NO SPOILERS don't worry, I would never do that to a person. But the only bad thing is it was cancelled after season 2. Netflix says they may pick it up for a third mind, so fingers crossed!

2. Little Mix.

To all the people who know me and are reading this. Yes I'm just as shocked as you are don't worry. When I was younger I always obsessed over Nicki Minaj and a bit of dubstep. Then I reached the age of 19 and all hell broke loose, I was officially a punk rock loving gal. It's like I finally realised I was meant to be a whole other person. Since reaching the age of 24, I've started to mix the two together, and I can officially say I'm addicted to the song Power right now. Bring on the summer, cause this is going to be played on repeat.

3. Tijan

An author I actually only discovered last week, but boy am I glad I did. I've spent the past month only half reading my books because not one of them was interesting or captivating enough. Tijan though, is the kind of author who keeps turning things up and just when you think the story has mellowed out, something new is thrown in. Cole & Carter Reed are must reads. I've gone through 3 of her books in just one week. Her books are only £3 on the kindle right now, so definitely grab one while you can.

4. Starbucks

This isn't news really, except I was always a Costa lover. Then I went to always supporting independent coffee shops. Which I still do don't get me wrong, but since the whole Unicorn drink came out with Starbucks, I just started going back more and more. I'm slowly working my way through the menu, because who doesn't love a cold refreshing drink in the summer. For pre warning, I post pics of my drinks all the time on my Instagram, sorry.

5. Green eyeshadow's

Another obsession I recently accumulated in the past week. I have always done warm tones on my eyes. One day though I was like, I'm feeling spontaneous lets put some green on there, simply because of the fact that when I was younger I remember buying my first bit of makeup. The woman at the beauty counter went to me, the green colour will really bring out the colour in your eyes. It did to be fair, but I never wore it apart from that one occasion. So when I seen my new palette had this shade in, I could not have been more in love with the result. You can all look forward to seeing more over on my Insta story about this!

So there it is, five things I love right now. I may have wrote more than I intended to, but that's just life. You can never predict what's going to happen. I'm sure next week it will be five completely different things again I'm obsessed with. In the mean time I'd love to know what you're loving right now! Until next time.



  1. Love this post honest and to he point. Do write more.

    Also welcome to the hedious Starbucks lovers club.

    1. Thank you! Although since writing this post I've not had a single Starbucks. Seems the article that came out has gone and put me off them haha

  2. Finding Carter was seriously so, so, GOOD! I was obsessed with it until they canceled it :( If I can recommend something, I'd totally recommend you watch Twisted (I think its on Netflix?). It got canceled, too, but was super super good. And I hope things get better for you, whatever you're going through. I hope for days filled with nothing but positives to come for you.

    1. Sabrina I never understand it either. Why are all the best shows cancelled it doesn't make any sense!
      I've never come across Twisted but I will definitely have a look into it.

      Thank you, that means so much!


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