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Liquid Matte Lipsticks have definitely been one of the most talked about products of 2016. As many of you know I have been on the search for the perfect one. Well look no more, because here we have it. Stila Cosmetics gave us something to really talk about finally!

This year I set out on the mission to look for the perfect liquid lipstick. I seem to have terrible luck when it comes to choosing them recently. They always had at least one thing wrong with them and it was starting to feel like a never ending journey.
Just when I thought all hope was gone, these beauties entered my life and changed the game!

There are a certain few aspects I keep to mind when testing out a new Liquid Matte Lipstick. Is it good value for money in comparison to others, is it long lasting like it states. How moisturising does it feel on your lips when wearing all day, do you need to reapply it multiple times throughout the day? and is the formula comfortable on the lips.

I honestly could not believe my luck when I tried my first colour a few months ago. Amore was the darkest shade I owned at the time, it seemed to be the most likely to show error and come off noticeably as well. So this was perfect for really putting this brand to the test first time round.

The formula comes out a lot smoother and thinner than any other I had tried before, it took a while to get used to the difference in texture. At first I was unsure if it was going to be something I would want to continue using, until one day I just changed my state of mind and decided it was a dream to have a light feeling lipstick applying to my lips. 

The applicator is brilliant and glides on a perfect line, it doesn't dry overly fast so you have time to mark any corrections that need doing. Only one layer is needed to create a perfect layer as it is so pigmented. Forget patchy and uneven lines they are a thing of the past, it dries to absolute perfection. As for long lasting and being 'stay all day', it does what it says. Even with the amount of fluids I consume in a day, it doesn't not matter, drink to your hearts content. This stuff just does not come off unless you want it to.

It also feels light on your lips and you don't even notice it's there half the time. For me I look for this with having to wear makeup to work 5/7 days in the week, sometimes worrying about your lipstick still being in place isn't even a option. It either rubs off or you take it off because there isn't enough time in the day worry about stuff like that as work.

The best part of it all is that they are only £14.00, so they are not going to put you out of pocket. The amount of formula is good for your money, considering the fact you don't need to reapply it all the time. This saves you money just thinking about it. I originally purchased mine from Beauty Bay, although I have been into Debenhams and Boots and been to buy more from both stores.

So there you go, an amazing price with an incredible product which does everything it promises. Without the hassle of ordering online with custom chargers left right and centre.

My collection consists of:




  1. These liquid lipsticks sound amazing! It's good that they do what they say about being long lasting and not having to keep reapplying too. The shades you have are gorgeous colours :)


    1. They really are, the best I've used and such a great price too. I'm so pleased you like the colours, it really is a great collection they have!

  2. You've chosen some lovely shades! Really like the first one in the photo. I've just bought a few of the Collection Velvet Kiss lip creams because I had heard/read that they are dupes to the NYX soft matte lip creams but a bit cheaper and you get more product and so far I really like them! :)

    1. Thank you. The one you like is such a natural tone, it also have a slightly shiny touch to it which is strange considering it's a matte finish. Guess that makes it that bit more special!
      I've tried the Nyx ones and they are great, just never find myself going to use them. I may need to start making more of an effort to do so!

  3. I'm so impressed by the sound of these! Every brand going seems to be bringing out liquid lipsticks lately and it's so difficult to pick a good one! £14 sounds like a totally reasonable price for this quality product, I'm not surprised that your collection has grown! Thanks so much for sharing! 💕

    Abbey ✨

    1. I'm hoping one day to own each and every one of them, until these are just perfect. Thank you for your kind words, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

  4. I've not tried much for Stila, but these look beautiful. If you have this many, they must be good! xo

    1. To be honest I've not tried anything else from them apart from these. I've heard great things about the eye shadows though!


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