Secret Scent Box: February Edition

When it comes to choosing which perfume I'm going to be wearing, I feel I'm one of those who always sticks to the same old perfume time and time again. It's as if I get stuck in the same old loop and find it hard to branch out to new brands. So when I was contacted by Secret Scent Box I was over the moon, it gave me an excuse to break the habit. To try something new, and see what else I could fall in love with this year.

I want to start off todays post by saying a massive thank you to Secret Scent Box for sending me this subscription box to review, which was so lovely of them.

I'd come across it a few times on Twitter and had a cheeky little nose, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear that they wanted me to share this with you all on my blog.

Before I get started today I just want to make it clear, that even though this was scent to me. I'm going to give my honest opinion, because that is simply who I am at the end of the day. I wouldn't lie to all of you, as I hope you wouldn't false advertise to me either. Now on that note, lets see what we have inside this months box shall we!

My first impressions of course were how beautiful the packaging and branding is. As all you wonderful readers know it's the first thing I look for when reviewing a product, there is just something about something looking so captivating sat in front of you. Waiting for you to try it out for the first time, it almost makes up for some products not living up to expectations because the packaging is just so pretty to look at.

The Secret Scent Box is £15 a month which can be signed up to on their website, you will then receive three designer fragrances through your door every 30 days. On the website you state if you are male or female as to receive the right box catered for you.
When you receive the box it also comes with three individual little cards which describes each of the scents, so you can choose which one you would prefer to wear on that particular day.

The three scents included in the February Box;

Tom Ford - Orchid Soleil
Calvin Klein - CK One Shock
Tommy Hilfiger - Tommy Girl

If I was to choose a favourite between the three scents, I think it would have to be Tom Ford on this occasion. It was absolutely gorgeous! and although the Calvin Klein one was more of a summer scent, it was still so pretty to wear and I could see myself buying more of this towards the summer.

The Tommy Hilfiger scent literally just made me hungry, it's the strangest thing. It smelt of the apple candy you get in a pic n mix. It made me want to eat sweets all the time whilst wearing it, which is not good considering I find myself eating all the time as it is anyway!

If your anything like me and love to try out new products all the time, this is a perfect way to do that whilst not having to spend a fortune. I found myself keeping this box in my bag whilst I was out and using the sprays, it was so much lighter than my usual bottle of perfume which was such a novelty.

Overall I actually really love this secret scent box. It allowed me to try scents I wouldn't usually of gone for. For once I'm not sure I can actually find a fault in this, which is extremely unusual for me!

To get your hands on this beautiful little box, use my discount code to get

15% of your first months box


I would love to hear what your thoughts are about this subscription box, so make sure to comment below so I can see. As always, until next time.



  1. I really like Calvin Klein - CK One Shot. I agree it's more of a summer scent!

    and I'm the same with perfumes, I stick to either the same old perfume or I'll buy something which smells almost the exact same as something else I own lol. I'm planning on using perfumes I've been bought and buying/trying out some new ones so I can do an "Spring Perfumes" post or something along those lines soon :) x

  2. It's such a lovely Scent isn't it! I'm so glad you agree.
    That sounds like a great idea I can't wait to see what you out in your Spring Perfumes post! I look forward to reading it (:

  3. omg this post is amazing I just love your style :)

  4. This sounds so good! I am a real sucker for sticking to the same scent for a really long time but this would be a great way to give me the chance to try some more! I might just have to use that discount code!

    Jenny xx

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who tends to do this. This box is a fab way to try new scents so I don't blame you, enjoy!

  5. I've been looking into trying this but never got around to it. Think I will try it next time I make a beauty purchase :) x

    1. I'm so pleased to hear you say that, it really is a great subscription!

  6. This box seems like such a good idea! I love having little testers of perfumes before purchasing full size! I think I need to sign up to this! Fab post lovely :) xxx
    Rachel |

  7. This is such a fun subscription box! It's something I will investigate in the future! I've been hearing a lot about Tommy Girl! My current favorite perfume would have to be my Prada Candy! It smells so sweet and yummy xx

    1. I've never smelt the Prada Candy I shall have do do some more branching out!


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